The topics of interest for the present Colloquium involve

  • Experiments and simulations over complex terrains
  • Field measurements of flow and turbulence in complex terrain
  • Modeling of the effects of topography and roughness (effect of high inflow turbulence)
  • Generation of realistic synthetic turbulence to feed numerical models
  • Sound propagation in complex terrains
  • Wind-turbines wakes dynamics and their interactions in wind farms
  • Stability of wind-turbine wakes and numerical modeling of wake length

The program of the Colloquium can be found here

A short course on wind energy with title "Numerical and experimental analysis of the operation of small and large scale Wind Turbines" will be tough by Prof. Francesco Castellani from the University of Perugia. The course will take place in the Fluid Physics Laboratory (Teknikringen 8) from the 2nd to the 7th of June (just before the Colloquium). The course is free of charge and you are most welcome if you are interested to join the lectures. The program can be found here. Just send an e-mail to about your participation.